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Bre.Flex And TWINY Hybrid Composite

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We are now able to offer a new restoration for partially dentate patients combining bre.flex and composite.

Made from a bre.flex framework and built up using TWiNY composite, here are a few of the advantages of this type of work.

  • The frame is flexible, comfortable, unbreakable & highly biocompatible.
  • Better shade stability and higher stain resistance than other flexible resins.
  • Offer patients the benefits of materials which are highly biocompatible.
  • Bre.Flex is a monomer-free denture base material for unbreakable and flexible partial dentures.
  • Fabrication of delicate partial and temporary dentures (layer thickness of 0.5mm can be safely injected)

Clear bre.flex injection moulded frame fitted onto the working cast.

Clear retentive clasps for improved aesthetics.

Metal free restoration for patients with allergies.

We are able to chemically and mechanically bond the TWINY composites which uses Ceramics Cluster Technology which makes it possible to achieve the highest flexural strength, and the flexibility of the material reduces the risk of fracture when high impact is applied, especially in posterior cases.

The composite is directly built up on the framework which allows us to shade match the most challenging of partially dentate patients.

Please contact the laboratory for any further information on this product.

Laboratory work by John Wood

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