Crown Bridge Header

All our crown and bridge work is competitively priced and is designed using 3 shape software. We mill in-house giving us full control of our restorations and time scale.

We encourage the use of inter-oral photography where possible and direct communication with our ceramist to help us to achieve the most accurate aesthetic outcome with the highest possible level of success.

For their aesthetics, strength and reliability we are currently offering:

– Zirconia (Low translucency)

– Ultra Trans Zircornia (Medium translucency)

– Ultra Trans Max Zirconia (High Translucency)

– e. max CAD

– breCAM. HIPC


16 shades in all Zirconias

Panel Zirconia Crown £80 Panel Gold Crown £100 Plus the Cost of Gold Left pannel Layered E-max £130 Left pannel Layered Zirconia £130 Left pannel Zirconia Monolithic £80
Price List & Lab Sheets