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October News

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This month we have had first aid training in the laboratory. Jonathan is a clinical dental technician so must keep up to date with first aid and medical emergencies. It is also important to keep up to date with this topic as it is a requirement for our GDC memberships. We had an informative morning & can highly recommend Peter from Medical Emergency Training.

Jonathan visited Poole, Dorset to present An Introduction To Ultaire, to Clinical Dental Technicians, on behalf of Solvay. He shared case studies he has done for his own patients as a CDT, as well as case studies we have done for our dentist’s patients.

Finally, we have been nominated for two categories at this years Digital Dentistry Awards. Jonathan has been shortlisted for Best Digital Technican & Best Digital Single Tooth Case. Find out on 3rd November if we win!

We are now on Instagram

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You can now find the lab on instagram by clicking the picture below. We will be updating the page with regular photos of goings on at Hughes Dental so please give us a follow!

We have been busy getting to grips with our milling machine which we got in the summer. So far we have had some great results milling our own acetal resin frames, Ultaire frames and PMMA crowns. Examples of which are on Instagram.

On our Instagram page you will also be able to see a case we did recently which was a laser sintered chrome with an anterior composite build up. Both the patient and dentist were very happy with the result.

Download Prescription Forms & Free Post Labels

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You can download a Prosthetic prescription form here:

Prosthetics Prescription

You can download a Crown & Bridge prescription form here:

Crown and Bridge Prescription

For our frameworks only and lab to lab service we have a new prescription form which you can download here:

Frameworks Prescription Form

And to download some free post labels please click here:

Free Post Labels

If you would like any more help with anything or any of the products in our price list please give us a call at the laboratory- 01423 520368

Best Prosthetic Laboratory

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Hughes Dental Laboratory won Best Prosthetic Laboratory at this years Lab Awards. It’s the first time we have entered anything like this and to win was a great boost for us.

We entered because we believe the way we run our lab is so different to any other Laboratory. Organisation is key and without that you start encountering errors. Ensuring work is done in plenty of time- finished before the date needed back (allowing room for errors to be corrected or simple things like giving time to call up for shades or if instructions aren’t clear, components needing to be ordered etc) all make for a efficient laboratory.

Not to mention our lab is a great place to work- who else can say they work in a state of the art, modern Laboratory? Not many!

That leads me on to the next point. We are recruiting! We would love to find a motivated, enthusiastic person to join our team. We are looking for a Prosthetic Technician. We are open to the level of experience you have- we want to be able to teach our way of working so being highly qualified isn’t essential.

All we ask is for an open minded approach that is willing to adapt to situations given to them. Please get in touch with us at the lab (01423 529368) or via my email: [email protected] if your interested and think this could be you!

Finally, this will be the last post this year so on behalf of all of us at Hughes Dental Laboratory  I would like to wish all our clients a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year- thankyou for your Business and we look forward to working with you in 2018!

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Different design options- Ultaire AKP

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Since using Ultaire AKP our laboratory have started documenting cases where Ultaire frames offer solutions to tricky cases or where other prosthesis have failed in the past. Here are a few different options for designs that we have worked on in the past month or so.

FullSizeRender 2

This case was all about the clasp design. As Ultaire frames can engage deeper into an undercut they offer more stability due to the width than a conventional chrome clasp. The Ultaire frame was designed on 3Shape then the denture was processed using the Ivocap technique.

FullSizeRender 3



The slight flex in the material allows the frames to engage into lingual undercuts. This lower partial is an example of this. Using Ultaire for the fitting surface gives strength to prevent fracturing, which is common in cases like this.

FullSizeRender 4

This is a great option for patients with a tight occulsal scheme that can be prone to fracturing single teeth in bounded saddle areas.

A few screen shots of this framework being designed using 3Shape. The frame incorporates the occlusal surface on the upper left premolar and as a backing on the upper right lateral. The strength of Ultaire will prevent any fracturing.

The frame is then finished  with the buccal of the pre-molar and the labial aspect of lateral built up using TWiNY composite.

The initial feedback from patients is that they prefer the sensation of having the Ultaire as the occlusal surface rather than chrome.

The clasps have been characterised/stained to enhance the cosmetics.


If you would like any more information on design options,whether your a laboratory or a dental practice, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01423 520368.

An insight into the last few months…

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The last few months have been one of the busiest times for Hughes Dental Laboratory. One of the biggest challenges has been moving from a premises that has been the labs home for over ten years! It’s amazing how much equipment and unwanted rubbish you can manage to fit into such a small space. Since Jonathan acquired that premises we have now outgrown it and it was definitely time to move on. Hughes Dental used to be solely a prosthetics laboratory but has developed into a full service lab offering digital dentistry solutions and Crown & Bridge.

We have been in the new premises for almost a month now and things are really taking shape….





We are all really proud of the new lab & encourage anyone to pop in for a chat & a look around.


On top of moving, Jonathan has been focusing on a product that is new to the market- Ultaire AKP. This is a high performance polymer that offers a metal free alternative. Ultaire AKP is biocompatible, lightweight, non corrosive and with high levels of compliance it feels comfortable in the mouth, but it is also strong enough to provide rigidity and stability. It was launched at the IDS this year and allows you to create frames using a digital workflow. For more in depth information about Ultaire AKP please visit the website

We will be posting more information about this product with case studies in the near future.

As well as the IDS there was also the DTS in May where Jonathan & Dr Craig Parker presented a talk on full digital workflows and the advantages of Ultaire AKP frames.




We have much more exciting things happening but this is just a small insight into whats been keeping us so busy over the last couple of months.

Advanced Indirect TWiNY Composite Course

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Following the success from last years trip with Sue McCallum – Inspire, John travelled back down to London, St Paul’s to attend the advanced TWiNY course lead by Geo Morgan.


After lectures and a walk through demo, John built up a TWiNY 8-Unit anterior bridge on a Zfx implant frame, and layered TWiNY gingiva to finish the bridge off.



TWiNY is a great versitile option for single or multi units, it offers high strength, great work flow and high cosmetic results. A special thank you to Geo Morgan, who showed us how to apply the best effects.

Hughes Dental Laboratory offers a full TWiNY poly-ceramic service to its clients. For more info please contact us or visit:

It was a pleasure seeing Sue & George again and looking forward to the next meet up!


SR Nexco Paste Composite

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Here is a recent Ivoclar Vivadent Bio-Functional Prosthetic System denture which came into the laboratory from one of our dentists this week.


The patient requested that we give the denture a customised look, as their previous denture had colour tone staining on the gingiva baseplate.

Using Ivoclar’s SR Nexco Paste Composite, it has allowed us to achieve a life like appearance to the finished denture for the patient.

The newly released Ivoclar Vivadent SR Vivodent S PE anterior and SR Orthotyp S PE posterior teeth, also helped in the final result, as the quality and morphology of the teeth were given great patient feedback even at the try-in stage.



If you would like more information on our level of prosthetic work we can offer, please call to discuss your needs.

Laboratory work by John Wood


Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) Chromes For Dentist’s and Laboratory’s

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HUGHES DENTAL is now designing and manufacturing laser sintered RPD Cobalt Chromes using 3Shape software which allows us full control of all design details which we can email for your approval before manufacturing.

Using this technology means undercuts are automatically negated along with the path of insertion, allowing the finished product to fit perfectly. Using scanned models ensures the fit and occlusion are guaranteed to be correct every time. We can also design and manufacture direct from intra-oral scan files.

dentaldesigner-2016-09-09-10-50-14-41-copy dentaldesigner-2016-09-09-10-45-58-69 img_5692

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is a process that is much cleaner and more efficient than the traditional investment (lost wax) technique due to reduced working process. 3D printed Cobalt Chromes are naturally free from porosity and give a much stronger and lighter finished product, meaning we are able to offer a 3 year guarantee on all laser PFM frameworks.All frameworks are Nickel, Beryllium and Cadmium free.

dentaldesigner-2016-09-09-10-41-24-81  dentaldesigner-2016-09-09-10-41-17-38 a

Hughes Dental are proud of the quality and standard of our ‘traditional’ (lost wax technique) and will continue to deliver this service for all dentists and laboratories who require it. For further information and prices on our DMLS frameworks please contact: Jonathan or Jamie on 01423 520 368



Implant Locator Retained Complete Upper Denture

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This was a difficult case due to the limited occlusal space and high level of wear occurring using conventional materials, so we needed to come up with a solution that was different to what the patient currently had.

The pictures below show the chrome framework showing through due to heavy wear.



3 Reduced labial crown length due to lack of space around locator attachment, compromising on aesthetics.

Using Cad/Cam technology we were able to mill a TRINIA permanent framework which is composed of a multi-directional interlacing of fiberglass and resin in several layers which enables us to keep the baseplate to a minimal thickness while still offering excellent strength.


Solution for metal-free restorations


Working with Zfx Birmingham we are able to offer Trinia 


TWiNY composite built up directly on the baseplate


 Gum also built up with TWiNY